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We are your friendly local locksmith Middlesbrough with over a decades worth of experience and all our locksmiths are trained to the highest standards. We provide a twenty four seven emergency locksmith service, so it doesn’t matter if your emergency happens day or night we will be there to help you. All of our work is fully guaranteed for one year from the date of completion.

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All of our prices are fixed giving you peace of mind knowing that the price you were quoted in the initial phone call or home visit is the price you will pay when the job is completed. We offer no obligation free quotes and there will always be someone on hand to answer your call.

Middlesbrough locksmith fit and supply all types of locks and door furniture including Mortice locks, yale type locks, upvc door locks, door and window handles and interior and exterior bolts and fittings. We aim to complete all work within the same day as we carry a fully stocked van.

If you end up in the unfortunate situation of somehow being locked out of your house or you have misplaced your keys, instead of waiting around in the rain call one of our local Middlesbrough locksmith and they will be there to assist you to gain entry into your house. Because we are local our response times are second to none. We are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t matter if you have an emergency through the night or in the day we will have you back in your home speedily without causing damage wherever possible.

Our Middlesbrough locksmiths have been police vetted and all hold an SIA security license. They have been highly trained and have years of experience in the security industry, they take pride in their workmanship and are extremely courteous and professional.

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What we do:

  • Upvc Specialist
  • Locks upgraded to conform with your insurance policy
  • Free No Obligation Quote
  • No Call Out Fee
  • Fixed price
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Burglary Repair
  • Locks Opened, Repaired and Replaced


For Middlesbrough locksmith residential services, more people are choosing to use the more locksmith middlesbroughrobust hardware, which makes a bold statement about the importance of an individuals home security. By starting at the front door and moving through the house, it’s possible to put together the best security system possible. Some may opt for access control and CCTV, while other people may simply decide to overhaul existing locks with upgraded ones. A great number of individuals won’t be aware of the fact that when a new house is in fact purchased, there is likely more than one set of key out there. It becomes impossible to sit back and determine which of the previous owners have a set of keys and which do not. Call GH Middlesbrough locksmith , it is important never to blindly trust the previous owner’s keys and locks. There are even more people likely to have keys to the house, like a maintenance person, a babysitter, a family member or a neighbour.

Multi Layer Home Security

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There are many ongoing discussions within Middlesbrough locksmith on how to provide the best security for your home, how to best protect against current threats to you and your home, and how to make sure that safety for you and your family is to the highest standards. After all, any Middlesbrough locksmith service would have to agree that this is the main reason for home security to be put into your home. The safety of your loved ones, is something that is understandably the highest priority in many peoples life, and speaking to a locksmith Middlesbrough who you can trust, will ensure that you and your loved ones can sleep well at night. Simply knowing that your house security is in place for you and your family. It could be easy to mistake your home security ideas for something which is pinned down to one factor, such as a burglar alarm, and we would always recommend an alarm and notification system at home for everyone, you should know there are several more factors which may are needed for a full security solution for you. So what is often required is often dependent on the area and the location your home is based in, as well as the risks your particular property is facing. This is why it’s imperative that you speak to a Middlesbrough Locksmith who has the relevant training and experience required to identify security issues, and you can also give us a call with any other type of home or business security related questions. The multi-layered system security, which a locksmiths Middlesbrough service can help you get put into place, most commonly includes a home secure alarm system which suits your requirements, make sure that you have good outdoor lights and protection, also include your outside areas and garden fixtures, as well as making sure that a large number of effective home security deterrents are also put in place.


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Have you thought about buying a safe for your home or business? Because crime is on the increase, making sure that your cash and important documents really has never been more important.  Middlesbrough locksmith can fit all types of safes from a simple but effective D.I.Y  safe to a high-risk commercial one, there is a range of fire and media safes available too.  Our locksmith can also open, service and repair most makes of safes, so if you would like more information on what Middlesbrough locksmith provide or  any advice you may require, feel free to call us today on 07951241895


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GH locksmith Middlesbrough provides a locksmith service to meet all of your security needs both domestic or commercial. We also supply and install all top brands of locks and security equipment from quality manufacturers.Our locks meet the current standards that insurance companies ask for. If you are unsure that your home or business security is up to date or if it meets the insurance standards, our staff will always be happy to help you. Please remember that if you do not have the standard of locks that your insurance company ask for, your policy may be invalid.


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Sometimes it is easy to forget about something so small as your keys or even the lock to your home. GH locksmith Middlesbrough sees the importance of caring for these things. Often we see situations where people have been without access to their home, whether that be due to lost or stolen keys, or maybe even the locks have been worn down, this situation can happen day or night, it is quite stressful being in that situation, but we provide our twenty four hour emergency service and speedy response time, to help minimize the stressed caused.

Locksmith Middlesbrough would like to bring some attention to the importance of your keys and your lock. One good tip is to leave a spare key with a friend or someone in the family, by doing this, it could save you money in the long term. Another thing is to contact us and arrange a visit, one of our locksmiths will call and make sure that your locks are of good standard and there is not too much wear and tear, again, saving you money in the long term Call Gavin and take advantage of our no obligation free quote.

Here at locksmith Middlesbrough, we always offer a twenty-four hour emergency locksmith service. If you or one of your staff get locked out of your place of work day or night, you can be sure that one of our locksmiths will be with you in no time at all.

We aim to respond within the hour so that you can get your business running again quickly and with minimum disruption. We understand that it is a stressful time that is why we are always ready and available around the clock.

Your Local Locksmith Middlesbrough

locksmith middlesbrough

Our Middlesbrough locksmith is highly trained and comes with a wealth of experience. They are efficient in everything that they do and aim to get the job done as fast and efficient as they possibly can and always use non-destructive methods.
They can repair or replace any kind of lock that is used for business premises.
We never overcharge for work that we do as we provide a fixed price service, this means we do not charge by the hour like some national companies do and make the work last longer than it should. Here at locksmith middlesbrough, you are charged the price that you were quoted when you first contacted us or when one of our locksmiths came to your home.

If you have had an employee that has left your employment and not handed their keys back to you, or maybe someone has lost a key.
Our advice to you is not to find out the hard way, just call Gavin on 07368491224 for a free no obligation quote on changing your locks.
Thinking about having security grilles fitted? Whether you are a large or small business the security grilles are perfect for added security and a deterrent for burglars.

Get in contact with Middlesbrough locksmith for more information or advice.

We are always at the other end of the phone to answer your call.

Anti Snap Locks

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Over time burglars have found that the weak point on the door is the cylinder lock, they can ‘snap’ the cylinder in two to get to the door mechanism and open the door in a matter of seconds to gain entry to your home.

This method of forced entry has been on the increase over years and is still the significant form of entry. In our opinion getting the anti snap lock fitted is the solution and best method of prevention available. Here at locksmith Middlesbrough we supply and fit anti snap locks to combat the lock snapping technique, this increases the security of your home and is very quick and cost effective. We provide you with a fast, reliable and quality lock fitting service.

100% of our clients who have been burgled choose to upgrade to an anti snap lock when we inform them of the differences between both locks. If you are not sure that you have anti snap locks fitted to your door give us a call and we will arrange for someone to come round and check for you free of charge.

Here at Locksmith Middlesbrough, we like to use Avocet ABS locks when upgrading to anti snap as we feel they are the best on the market. When a burglar tries to snap the lockout it locks in place so they cannot manipulate the mechanism and gain entry to your home. Locksmith Middlesbrough advises that all upvc doors  (including patio and conservatory doors) should be fitted with Avocet ABS anti snap cylinders.

We offer a no obligation free quote service, so why not give Gavin a call he will be more than happy to help with any advice or questions you need answering.

locksmith middlesbrough

locksmith Middlesbrough can fit and supply all types of locks for your home, whether you need a new British standard mortice lock, a new rim cylinder (sometimes called a yale lock), new window locks or a upvc door lock we are here to help and to secure your home.

Your local locksmith Middlesbrough covering all your security needs!

Locksmith Middlesbrough understand what a traumatic time it is when you have been a victim of a burglary or attempted burglary. We at locksmith Middlesbrough are the best team in town and are here to help you through this stressful time.

Our expert locksmiths deal with all types of security locks, they are trained to the highest
standard and have over a decade worth of experience. We come equipped with all of the up-to-date tools and equipment that is needed to make sure that we are ready to take charge of any job that you have.

Using locksmith Middlesbrough means that you take advantage of our twenty four hour emergency service
if an incident happens in your home day or night then rest assured we will be with you quickly. We
aim to respond to you within the hour because we don’t like to see our customers suffering the anguish
waiting around for their locks to be repaired or replaced.

Services we Offer

Lock Repairs
Lock Replacement
24 Hour Emergency Call Out
No Obligation Free Quote
Fixed Prices

Your home security issues should always be handled by a professional locksmith, if you rely on D.I.Y or
getting a handyman in to do the job, then you can never be sure that you are getting 100% out of your
home security.

So choose Locksmith Middlesbrough for all of your security needs and have peace of mind knowing that your
home and family are secure.


locksmith middlesbrough

Here at locksmith Middlesbrough we fit and supply most types of UPVC door locks and mechanisms. We do not charge by the hour, we have a set price for UPVC. We have a great wealth of experience and knowledge with all UPVC door and window lock repairs. We supply an excellent professional and friendly service if your locks fail, but don’t worry if your locks do fail when the door is shut as we can open them very quickly and we aim to fit a new one on your door the very same day.

Locksmith Middlesbrough can fit higher security Cylinder locks which provide much more security than the standard cylinder lock. With the standard cylinder lock burglars use ‘lock snapping’ to gain entry which means the lock is snapped and can be removed in a matter of 15 seconds.

Call GH locksmith Middlesbrough today for more information on upgrading to anti snap locks.

Snap locks can also be fitted to windows and doors in case of your lock being compromised, the snap locks give an extra additional layer of security which can only bring peace of mind.


If you notice that it is becoming difficult to push the handle down on your window it lock it probably needs adjusting, we recommend that you call us and we will be with you within the hour to fix the repair before the whole lock gives way due to extra force needed to close. Don’t hesitate to call Middlesbrough Locksmith, we will always try and give a free quote over the phone. This may change because circumstances are different, we treat our customers with respect and we treat them fairly.

We recommend that all Upvc doors should be fitted with pas 24 door handles. Pas 24 door handles are available in a variety of styles including, wood, aluminium, steel or composite.

Pas 24 door handles are manufactured to resist many types of attacks on the door such as, kicking, lock manipulation, shoulder barging and lock picking. These are the methods used by burglars to gain access to your home.

Sash Jammers

Sash jammers are extra security for your doors and windows, they help prevent burglars forcing and barging your doors and windows. Locksmith Middlesbrough recommend you should have every door fitted with two sash jammers and every small window should be fitted with at least one, larger windows should have two.

Going on Holiday

locksmith middlesbroughIt may sound like a very straight forward precaution, but making sure that all locks on your windows, doors, outbuildings etc are securely locked. This should be the first thing you should check before leaving home. For extra security you should look into upgrading your locks on front and back doors. This will deter thieves gaining entry through techniques as lock snapping. Also upgrade window locks for your windows on the ground floor to prevent access.

Motion Detector Lights

Install sensor lights at the main points of entry (mainly front and back door) will reveal anybody on your premises when they pass or approach. This will deter a would be burglar or opportunist thief from going about his business and stealing from you.

Small Shop Protection/Security Bars

middlesbrough locksmiths

GH locksmiths understand there is some need for security in the small industry and business sector. Small companies and small businesses are high risk because time and energy spent is down to a personal level. Your locksmith Middlesbrough understands how terrible a stroke of bad luck can be for your business, and are glad to offer advice and competitive prices on our security services and equipment. Our knowledge for small business security stems from our own experiences. Security should always be a top priority to make sure that your investments are kept safe and secure.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to Gavin at Middlesbrough locksmith.  He will help you keep your premises protected from devastating effects of a burglary or destruction of stock. 

GH locksmith Middlesbrough have everything in stock from security bars to panic and fire hardware. We provide you with competitive and fixed prices. We believe that security for Residential and Commercial property should be affordable and this is reflected in our prices.

Your Local Locksmith Middlesbrough

GH Locksmiths are dedicated to all of their customers. We provide you with an extensive rangelocksmith middlesbrough of the highest professional locksmith services, this is priority for us as our customers always come first!
Our locksmiths are skilled and trained in everything in the locksmith industry, and they have many years of experience. We repair and replace locks, where we can, we will always make a repair rather than replace them to keep the prices down. There are many times where we have to replace locks rather than repair them, again, all of our prices are reasonable and affordable so you, the customer, will always benefit.
Middlesbrough locksmiths provide fixed prices and do not charge by the hour. We often do price checks with other locksmiths to make sure we are in line with our pricing, this is to ensure that you are getting value for money.

We carry a fully stocked van and all of our products are of the highest quality which will help keep you secure in your home or business.

When choosing locksmith Middlesbrough you can’t make a better choice, you will always know that you are in safe hands. Our locksmiths will always explain what he is doing with the problem lock or mechanism while he is completing the work. Our standards are high and we are very proud of the customer service we provide.

For those emergencies like being locked out or losing your keys, you can always call our 24hr emergency service. We aim to respond to you within the hour, sometimes it is less. Because we are a local business we will be with you fast.

Door Viewers

locksmith middlesbrough

Door viewers better known as spy holes are an excellent accessory for door security. These days there are many people who knock on the door selling all sorts of things. Most of the time we do not want to be interrupted or bothered by salesmen trying to sell their wares. The best way to find out who is at the other side of your door without opening it is to look through a viewer. It is most important that you make sure your home is safe and quality locks have been fitted to doors and windows. It makes sense to have a door viewer fitted to add to the security of your front door. One of the main entry points for a burglar is through entry and exit doors, so make it harder for them to gain entry to your home and try to deter them as best as you can. There are many door viewers to choose from on the market, but please use a professional locksmith like locksmith Middlesbrough to fit them as there are many things to take into consideration before being fitted to your door. If you need more information on door viewers or you would like for our locksmith to come to visit you and fit one, then call Gavin now on 07368491224 He will be more than happy to help you in any way he can.

Call Gavin today to talk about any security issues that you may have, our telephone is manned twenty four seven, and your call will always be answered.

Kickstop door guard

Statistics from the home office have shown that approximately 70% of burglars choose to tarMiddlesbrough locksmithget your front or your back door to your property. Usually by forcing the lock.

Until a burglary occurs where the intruder has “kicked in” the door, most homeowners are not aware that chiseling and removing the wood from the doors will most definitely weaken your doors security.

Fitting Mortice locks obviously involves removing the wood from the part of the door that you are going to fit the lock. this causes the wood around the lock and the hinges to split when under a kick in attack.

Extra measures can be taken to strengthen the door by using a Kickstop.

Kickstops don’t need to be locked or bolted so you can’t forget about it, they are great for enhancing your security each time you lock your door.

Kickstops are designed to reinforce and strengthen your door and also your doorframe around your locks and hinges.

GH Locksmith Middlesbrough and Police all around the country recommend using kickstops.

Going on Holiday    locksmith middlesbrough

We all look forward to holidays, some take one holiday a year, others have multiple holidays. How many of us take their home security into account as they are preparing to leave?! First and foremost, check to see if your insurance policy is up to date, if you do come back home and find that you have been burgled at least you know the expenses will be taken care of. Check with your insures which type of lock they say you should have, if you don’t have what they say then your policy maybe void. Try to deter a thief as much as you can, time is what a burglar wants. If you can make it so difficult for them to gain entry into your home, they should think twice about trying to make off with your valuables.

  • Always make sure that the window and door locks are very secure.
  • Don’t forget about your garages, sheds and outbuildings, secure them!
  • Fit security lights around your home, the last thing a burglar wants is to be seen.
  • Try and make your home look occupied, get timers for lights and tv’s.
  • Use Royal mails Keepsafe scheme. They will deliver all of your mail when you come home.
  • Cancel newspapers.
  • Don’t tell everyone that your are going away.
  • Ask a neighbour to pop by your house everyday to open and close the curtains.
  • If you have a driveway ask neighbours if they would park their car a few times while you are away.
  • If you can, let family keep hold of your important documents.
  • Make sure that all tools are locked up, they can be used to gain entry into your home.
  • Mark all of your items with a security pen.

If you would like more information on your home security while you are on holiday, you can always call locksmith Middlesbrough on 07951241895 and ask to speak to Gavin. He will be more than happy to help you.

Letterbox Guard

Locksmith Middlesbrough advises that you should never leave your door keys in the keyhole or anywhere visible through the letterbox. The purpose of letterbox guards is to stop would be thieves from being able to see into your home through your letterbox. If you don’t have a letterbox guard fitted then the thief can see straight into your house and if you have keys visible they will try to pick them up by using a long device with a hook on it. This means that they now have access to your house and your car. This is happening all over the country.

The letterbox guard also helps to prevent the door handle being manipulated through the letterbox by restricting the size of the gap so that the thieves can not use any of their tools to gain entry to your home.

Garage Door Security

locksmith middlesbroughThe Garage Door Defender

An excellent way to secure your garage is with a garage defender, we fit the high quality sold secure products. The defender comes with a hardened solid stainless steel padlock and the removable bar locks into the steel base using said padlock. We fit the device by securing it into the ground right in front of your garage door with expandable bolts secured into the ground. GH locksmith Middlesbrough can fit these usually within an hour to minimise disruption. The garage door defender has a powder coated finish which is very hard wearing so it will last for years, so you definitely get your moneys worth when you purchase this product from GH locksmiths Middlesbrough. This is a high security product which eliminates the sawing and cuttings associated with cheaper, lesser quality garage defenders. Having this product fitted will deter even the most determined of would be burglars. We highly recommend this product and we even have one fitted to our own home garage.

Always have an experienced locksmith such as GH locksmith Middlesbrough to fit any type of security to your home or workplace.

If the garage door defender is not appropriate for your garage there are other options such as the following.

Garage door interior bolts

These types of locks can be fitted to the garage door both vertically and horizontally depending on the clearance around the inside of the garage door. You can operate the locks from both the inside and the outside of the garage. Both locks will work on the same key and you get three keys with the set of two locks. The locks operate by turning the key until the shoot bolts fully extend into the frame. These types of locks can be fitted to many types of up and over garage doors constructed of metal or wood. The bolts are suited to doors up to 38mm thickness.

All the work GH locksmith middlesbrough completes will be guaranteed for one year from the date of completion. If you would like to take advantage of our free no obligation quote service please call Gavin on 07958312149.

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I called these guys out and they were here within the hour, great price i would definitely recommend them.
Sharon Square
Gav was great. Highly knowledgeable staff. Fantastic customer service. Very reasonable pricing, I highly recommend him
David King
My insurance company told me that i needed to upgrade my locks to British standard, Gavin came out and explained what i needed. He upgraded my locks for a good price
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