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GH Locksmiths Middlesbrough recommend the Brisant Ultion euro cylinder. This is because it is the most secure lock on the market in our opinion. The TS007 3 Star rating coupled with the Sold Secure Diamond Standard make this lock the most difficult type for burglars to manipulate and gain access to your home.

The TS007 3 Star rating explained:

The Brisant Ultion cylinder has been thoroughly tested to the highest standards and has always came out on top. which is the B.S. TS007 3 star. The centre cam on the Ultion cylinder becomes locked in place when the lock is snapped by a would be burglar and it's not secured to the internal plug, this means the Ultion is still secure even when a key is left in the inside of the lock.

The Sold Secure Diamond Standard

This is the ultimate in euro cylinder security, this is an extra round of testing alongside the TS007 3 Star tests. The tester is more aggressive and will be a real locksmith. They will be allotted more time, more access to manipulate the lock and more tools. Also the tester can pause the clock to use a different method of attack. All Ultion locks have been tested to this standard.

Lock Snapping In Middlesbrough and Teesside Is on the increase. Burglars are easily exploiting a huge weak spot on upvc door cylinder which are fitted to the vast majority UPVC doors with just hand tools. The biggest selling point of UPVC doors has always been  the multipoint locking mechanisms and how secure they are, but what you won't have been told  is that the euro cylinders supplied with the doors are very weak and the upvc locking mechanism can be forced open in seconds. Police and locksmiths have known about this problem for years but now that information is in the burglars hands and break-ins through lock snapping are on the rise in middlesbrough and Teesside.

The technique of locks snapping involves snapping the cylinder at the weak point to expose a vital part of the locking mechanism, once exposed the mechanism can be easily unlocked using inexpensive hand tools meaning no key is required to open the door.

What can we do about lock snapping?

Good news! There's now a solution to prevent lock snapping. We can now fit and supply anti snap locks to fight against the lock snapping technique. This is a quick and cost effective solution which greatly increases the security of your home and wipes out the weakness found in the standard euro cylinders. We can supply any brands with different security levels of lock snapping right up to the top of the range TS007 3 star and Diamond standard rated cylinders.

Every single time we attend a burglary where this lock snapping technique has been used to break in, 100% of customers choose to upgrade to anti snap locks once they are shown the difference between a standard euro lock and an anti snap euro lock.

Although the damage gets repaired and the locks get upgraded with anti snap locks unfortunately the burglary has already been committed. So our advice is upgrade early, don't wait until its too late!

Anti Snap Locks

The locks we use are high quality. We would never use cheap copies or low quality ineffective brands. Not all brands offer the same levels of security and resistance to lock snapping. Many companies are fitting poor quality anti snap locks which are still leaving homes vulnerable due to their ineffective design.

We never charge a call out fee and we offer free quotes over the phone so you can be sure we are one of the most competitively priced locksmiths in Middlesbrough for anti snap lock installation!

If you're not sure you already have anti snap locks fitted we can arrange to come and check your existing locks completely free of charge!

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