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Why choose a Security Safe? Keeping your valuable items in a safe is one of the most effective ways to protect them from thieves. Valuable items like jewellery,
documents, passports etc. may not ever be replaced if stolen. Middlesbrough locksmiths advice to you is to not leave it too late, take action now and have a safe fitted in your home.With a little bit of security awareness, safes can be easily fitted into your business or home, in a secret place hidden from thieves and burglars.

Do you need a Safe Fitting? Middlesbrough locksmiths safes have years of experience to provide you with the best advice on which safes will be right for you.
We can also supply many types of safes and advise you which is the best location to have your safe fitted.

There are a range of safes to suit your every need. Different types of safes can store different items. You can choose from large free-standing safes to smaller ones that are best for keeping items like jewellery. Some safes can be secured and bolted to the floor; others can be fitted into the wall, that is depending on the size and your needs. Nearly all of them can be supplied with a key, combination or digital locking system. Whatever your needs, we can supply the right safe for you.

Home safes are usually best placed out of sight so if you happen to  be burgled your valuables are not easily taken. We recommend bolting safes to walls or floors to stop the intruders just walking away with your safe. Gh locksmiths offer a fitting service so if you would rather source your own safe and have us fit it for you give us a call.

We offer a full guarantee on all our workmanship and parts, it will be a one year guarantee on the work and for the safe it will be specific to that particular safe.

All of our staff are qualified locksmiths so you know you're getting the best advice and the benefit of our experience.

Our work is 100% guaranteed.

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