Upvc Locksmith Mechanism Problems

Nearly all upvc doors are fitted with multi-point locking system.

The lock works by firstly lifting the handle which activates the locking points and then turning the key which in turn locks the locking points in place.

Over time all upvc door drop a little, usually this can be sorted easily by a decent locksmith before it turns into a broken mechanism. What happens is the handle feels harder to lift up and gives resistance. If you continue to force the handle up it will eventually break something inside the mech and you will have to call a locksmith to replace it.

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sash jammer

Sash Jammers

We believe that snap locks or sash jammers should be fitted to every UPVC door and window in your house. They are the best security accessory that is on the market and we highly recommend them. Having the sash jammers fitted means that it is so much harder for the burglar to break in to a property. The snap locks if fitted correctly can withstand a huge amount of force ie, kicking the door open would be extremely difficult for the burglar and also the noise that this would create would deter the burglar as he wants to be as quite as possible. Be careful when buying your snap locks as there are a lot of inexpensive ones on the market but they are very easy to break.

UPVC is a popular material for homes, it is a cost-effective and fashionable alternative to the traditional wooden doors, one important thing, they have to remain safe and secure at entry points in your home. This is where Middlesbrough Locksmiths will help. Our staff are experienced and up to date professional locksmiths, we can repair and replace security to upvc locks and mechanisms and not spoil the look and style of the door.

You may find your lock needs repairing from wear and tear or maybe too much force over the years, then again it could be from someone trying to break into your home.

After years of use, locks, like other things will start to show signs of wear and tear, it is so important to make sure that they are well maintained and if need be, repairing. Always make sure you use a professional locksmith to ensure that your locks are still secureĀ and protecting your house.

Our upvc locksmiths can supply and fit most types of locks, they will make sure that your lock is snap safe making it more difficult for the burglar to gain entry into your home.